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Our Document Center is a collection of useful and informative documents and references on topics discussed in the CEO's Blog.

  1. [INFORMATION] Getting to BRT: An Implementation Guide for U.S. Cities
    Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP), September 2019.
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    Detailed information and facts about BRT, including standards and design characteristics, performance and costs, implementation guidance and US case studies.
  2. [STANDARD] The BRT Standard - 2016 Edition
    Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP) and al., June 2016.
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    The BRT Standard is the centerpiece of a global effort to establish a common definition of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). The BRT Standard scoring system was created as a way of protecting the BRT brand and offering recognition to high quality BRT systems around the world. Certifying a BRT corridor as gold, silver, bronze, or basic sets an internationally recognized standard for the current best practice for BRT.
  3. [STUDY] A Worldwide State-of-the-Art Analysis for BRT: Looking for the Success Formula
    Nikitas, A. and Karlsson, M.; Journal of Public Transportation, Vol. 18, No. 1, 2015.
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    This paper provides a detailed description of BRT in comparison with rail-based solutions and conventional bus services. It also presents in detail a number of selected scheme-oriented applications from around the world, looking into some of the basic ingredients behind BRT’s success (or failure) stories.
  4. [STUDY] BRT - An Efficient and Competitive Mode of Public Transport
    Cervero, R.; 20th ACEA Scientific Advisory Group Report, December 2013.
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    This report reviews experiences with designing and implementing BRT systems worldwide. Key topics in this report include BRT definition across a spectrum of service qualities and costs; global trends; relationships between urban densities and BRT cost-effectiveness; comparison of BRT’s cost and performance relative to urban rail transit systems; transit-oriented development (TOD) near BRT stations and along corridors.
  5. [STUDY] Examining the Ridership Attraction Potential of BRT: A Quantitative Analysis of Image and Perception
    Cain, A. and Flynn, J.; Journal of Public Transportation, Vol. 16, No. 4, 2013.
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    Findings of this paper show that full-service BRT can replicate both the functionality standards and image qualities normally associated with rail, and that even a lower-investment “BRT-lite” service performs remarkably well in terms of overall rating achieved per dollar invested. More generally, results indicate that the image of the surrounding urban area may have greater influence on aggregate perceptions than whether a transit service is based on bus or rail technology.
  6. [STUDY] More Development for Your Transit Dollar: An Analysis of 21 North American Transit Corridors
    Hook, W. and al.; Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP), November 2013.
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    A growing number of North-American cities are promoting transit-oriented development (TOD) in order to combat congestion and other problems associated with sprawling, car-dominated suburban growth. This report provides an answer about whether BRT, a lower cost mass transit solution, could be used to leverage TOD investments. Some 21 LRT, streetcar and BRT corridors in 13 cities across the US and Canada have been evaluated.
  1. [WHITE PAPER] How to Maximize Every Dollar Invested in Public Transit Infrastructure
    Pantero Group, November 2020.
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    The public financing of major mass transit projects raises issues that must be put forward and publicly debated. The fundamental, oft-neglected question is: how can we maximize every dollar invested in mass transit infrastructure? This white paper explain how our RoadTram concept can contribute to the development of more impactful public transit solutions at a viable, socially acceptable cost.
  2. [MANIFESTO] Welcome to a New Era in Transit
    Pantero Group, October 2020.
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    Our manifesto for a new era in transit is an introduction to our RoadTram concept.